Wisconsin Apartment Association (WAA)

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Wisconsin Apartment Association (WAA), the geographically largest professional trade association in Wisconsin, represents exclusively owners of investment real estate and over 45,000 units.

Association membership is a valuable investment in your real estate.  It is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again.  Although the most visible benefit you will receive is the regularly published, informative newsletter, there is so much more that your investment does for you.

The WAA, with the help of its partner, the Wisconsin Rental Housing Legislative Council (WRHLC), makes sure that your voice is heard and your interests are protected in the halls of the Capitol in Madison.  WAA and WRHLC support help to draft legislation that is helpful to investment property owners, and spend significant time and resources trying to limit legislation that negatively impacts our industry.

Through its educational foundation, Rental Housing Resources (RHR), the WAA has a large selection of educational offerings.  These educational sessions allow you to not only invest in your properties, but also to invest in yourself.

Most of the members are also served by a local affiliate.  Some of the greatest value of your membership comes from your local.  Most have either monthly or quarterly meetings and have their own newsletter.  The local affiliate allows you to be aware of issues specific to your area.  In addition, the members of these locals are your peers and their meetings allow you to mingle, network, and share information with others who are facing similar challenges and situations.