Business Partner Membership Benefits

SWLA has partnered with multiple businesses to help you save on as many operating expenses as possible. Many of our partners offer saving to our members not available to the public. This partnership is a win win opportunity for our partner businesses as well as our members. If you are business, consider the benefits of becoming a partner and join today.

Business Partner Membership offers businesses related to the Tenant/Landlord industry an opportunity to network, develop contacts and prospects and more importantly, become educated in community issues affecting this industry. Not only will sales increase due to involvement in this association, so will your effectiveness in understanding and providing the needs of this segment of our community.

Benefits of Membership

  • You will reach an audience that is specific to your products.
  • SWLA members represent over 4000 rental units.
  • Discount purchase price for data base of all Racine area landlords.
  • Your ad appears on SWLA’s website.
  • If you attend a meeting, you are recognized at the meeting.
  • You can make presentations of your business at the meetings.

  • SWLA members make a difference in the quality of living for Racine’s rental population.  You can be a part of this positive energy for Racine by becoming a Business Partner.
  • Your business will be listed on our website,
  • Your business info will be sent out to members each month via our meeting update email.
  • You will reach your target audience that has a need for your goods and services.
  • You have the opportunity to make an informational presentation at the meeting each year.

Apply to become a member here!