About SWLA

SWLA’s purpose is to assist members with investing, managing and maintaining their real estate investments in a professional and profitable manner through education, political action and networking.

Our members are concerned property owners who want to provide quality housing for their tenants.  SWLA’s goal is to help them become a better educated, effective landlord.

Our members are always looking for better, more cost-effective ways to maintain and manage their buildings.  Whether through better quality products that last longer, innovative solutions or others who can cost effectively complete the work.

In the Beginning:

The About Us page is a great place to share the history of your company or your website with your visitors. People like to know that there are actual people on the other side of the page.

Let your visitors know how and why your business, organization, or website got started and by who. Let them know how long you’ve been in existance for.

The Growing Years:

Separate your information into smaller digestable chunks. You may have alot of information you would like to share with your visitors, don’t scare them away from the juicy details of your history with large hard to read paragraphs of text. Let your visitors know where you are physically located, share some details of the environment from which you update the website … if you are in an office, draw a mental image of the office to give the folks on the ‘browser’ side a better understanding of the people behind the web page. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the years of working through the internet, is that people like to converse with people, thus the popularity of myspace and twitter … don’t be afraid to show your human side to the world.

Where we’re going:

Many websites will use the about us page to share their ‘mission statement’. What ever information you choose to share with your visitors, you can break the information up with smaller paragraph headings with a <h4> heading tag applied. We’ve created the about us page using a ‘table’ with 5 rows and two columns … this allows the information in the table to be presented as tabular data .. which it really is …

Board Members

President- Jon Frickensmith

Jon Frickensmith has been a landlord for over 20 years in Racine.  Shortly after becoming a landlord, he was faced with a tenant not paying rent.  After muddling through, he realized the tangled web of laws governing landlords was no place to be on your own. A neighbor introduced him to the Southern Wisconsin Landlords Association.  Realizing the benefits, he joined and has been a member for over 20 years.   Wanting to give back and share the knowledge imparted on him by so many other members, he ran for president.  He has been the President of the Southern Wisconsin Landlords Association since 2011. 

Phone Number: (262) 417-SWLA (7952)

Email: president@racineswla.org

Vice President- Jim Cicona

Email: vicepresident@racineswla.org

Treasurer- Jerry Uick

Email: treasurer@racineswla.org

Secretary- Wendy Cicona-Wade

Email: secretary@racineswla.org

Membership Coordinator- Mary Cotter

Email: membership@racineswla.org

Member-at-Large- Amy Georgi


Member-at-Large- Kelly Jensen


Member-at-Large- Jim Schimanski