Current/Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, March 14, is Legislative Day. We need you to join us in Madison for a Fun Educational Day. PLEASE join us.

What we do at the meetings:

SWLA has a speaker at most of our monthly meetings and these speakers are often from the agencies which affect or oversee our businesses. We have had prosecuting attorneys, public advocate attorneys, members from the city inspection team, center for conflict resolution, the drug task force, and many, many more. Our members gain a wealth of knowledge from these speakers as they get an opportunity to hear the perspective of the speaker and to also ask questions about how we can work with them to make both their job and ours easier. Many members are more comfortable when they go to these various individuals with a concern and remind them they met at a SWLA meeting. Our speakers always comment on the professionalism of our group. SWLA membership and by extension the WAA membership, gives an increased stature in the community.

In the past year just some of the guests/topics included the following:

  • Property Insurance- Are you properly insured and are you aware of the different types of coverage?
  • Representative from the Office of the Wisconsin Consumer Affairs- Described how complaints against Landlords are handled.
  • Rick Heller– Racine’s Chief Building Inspector discussed the changes in policy for his group.
  • Representatives from the Kenosha/Racine Lead-Free community partnership.
  • Representatives from local banks presented information on doing property flips and how to pay for them.
  • When Racine got a new Chief of Police, he spoke at our meeting.
  • A forum with Rep John Lehman and Bill McReynolds, both at that time running for State Senator.
  • An annual Trade Show with local merchants and associate members providing examples of their products and services.