Tenant FAQs

We put this page together to help tenants with the questions we hear most often.

  1. What does my landlord expect out of me?
  2. Where can I find the rules for rental housing?
  3. What is Earnest money?
  4. What is a security deposit?
  5. How much security deposit can my landlord charge?
  6. Does my landlord have to pay interest on the security deposit?
  7. Can a prospective landlord charge me for a credit report?
  8. Do I get a receipt when I pay rent?
  9. When can a landlord come into my place?
  10. When and how do I give notice to leave?
  11. When will I get my security deposit back?
  12. How do I protect my security deposit?
  13. What should I do before leaving an apartment?
  14. What if I move out early?
  15. What if I don’t receive my deposit or list of deductions?
  16. What might my landlord deduct for?
  17. The real deal with carpet cleaning?
  18. When can the landlord legally charge for carpet cleaning?
  19. What if I believe my landlord deducted money from my deposit unfairly?
  20. Can I cash a partial check?
  21. Who should my deposit be returned to?
  22. Where will the landlord send my deposit?
  23. What is an eviction?
  24. How does the eviction process begin?
  25. Types of Notices
  26. Can landlords give either a 5 or 14-day notice?
  27. How should I respond to the notice?
  28. What if I don’t move out when told to leave by notice or end of lease?
  29. What if I am evicted?
  30. Do I need permission to get a pet?
  31. What can happen if I get a pet without permission?
  32. If one tenant has a pet, does the landlord have to allow everyone to have pets?
  33. What if I have a disability and depend on a service animal?
  34. How do I find landlords that rent to pet owners?
  35. Can landlords charge pet owners higher security deposits?
  36. Can landlords charge pet owners more for rent?
  37. Can landlords automatically withhold money from pet owners’ security deposits?